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If you’re considering new or replacement Andersen windows and doors, read this short Q and A first.

Q. What types of windows and doors does Andersen offer?

A. They offer a comprehensive series, which includes windows and doors that match many styles and budgets.

Andersen Window and Door Series

100 series: These solid, composite/Fibrex units are suitable for both new construction and replacement installation. In addition to light colors, they’re also available in dark colors, which work well in contemporary designs.

200 series: Made from wood cores with vinyl exterior cladding, this line has unfinished and prefinished natural wood interior finishes; it’s one of Andersen’s more economical choices. This streamlined product line is available with double-hung, gliding, and picture window styles. This series works well for homeowners who want painted interior wood.

400 series: Similar to the 200 series (with solid wood cores and vinyl exterior cladding), this series features greater choices for exterior cladding colors and three interior wood finish options. This series comes in nearly all window styles including casement; double-hun;, awning; sliders; bays and bows; and picture windows.

A-series: A series falls under Andersen’s architectural line, offering custom sizes and finishes. The units are wood core paired with vinyl, fiberglass, or composite cladding. Prior to shipment, all products are tested for hurricane and saltwater exposure resistance. The A series is Andersen’s most energy-efficient line.

E-series: E series windows fall under Andersen’s architectural line, with using solid wood cores and aluminum cladding. The units are available in 50 standard colors and finish options; the windows and doors are generally used for new construction.

Q. What could be causing my current windows and doors to look bad on the inside and/or outside?

A. It’s possible your windows/doors have:

  • Seal failure, which often causes fog or cloudiness (windows)
  • Rot or decay
  • Sagging/cracking
  • Discoloration when coatings yellow or show scratches (windows)
  • Issues in opening or closing, which may existing compound damage

Unlike walls or furniture, your windows and doors are viewed from and connected to the inside and outside of your home. Hence, they contribute significantly to your home’s appearance and performance. Andersen offers a wide range of durable products – with multiple options for colors, woods, grilles and hardware – that culminate in lasting style and function for every door and window produced.

Q. What happens when my windows and doors fail?

A. You may notice:

  • Fogginess or cloudiness (windows)
  • Rot or decay
  • Drafts or cold/hot spots
  • Sounds of whistling wind
  • Stress cracks around the openings

Andersen continually strives to deliver the best windows possible. For more than 100 years, they’ve innovated how windows are made. Along the way, they’ve improved each product line to provide industry-leading performance and unmatched beauty inside and out. Additionally, Andersen windows and doors are backed by some of the most comprehensive warranties in the business, allowing homeowners peace of mind and coverage when needed.

Q. What if my windows and doors aren’t properly sealed or coated?

A. You may experience:

  • Increased noise, including whistling sounds and road noise
  • Potentially higher heating/cooling bills
  • Draftiness

When you choose quality windows and doors, you get more than a view. The performance that’s built into every Andersen product fosters higher energy efficiency, which results in greater comfort and potentially lower heating and cooling bills. Additional benefits may include reducing outside noise and filtering UV light to help protect your furniture and carpeting.

Q. What if I experience increasing heating/cooling bills?

A. You may be:

  • Losing money year over year
  • Feeling discomfort in your home
  • Impacting environment due to the greater use of fuel or cooling agents

It’s no secret that small openings around your windows can drive your heating and cooling bills up. A properly installed, properly insulated Andersen window or door can not only help make your home more comfortable, it may help lower your monthly bills. Additionally, you’ll know you’re getting efficient products when you see the ENERGY STAR® certified seal.

Q. What occurs when I’m not able to lock/unlock your windows remotely?

A. You may lack:

  • Peace of mind
  • Flexibility to remotely control air flow in the home
  • Convenience when it’s needed most

Andersen’s latest innovation allows your windows to wirelessly connect to your home security system. With this feature, you’ll not only know if your windows are open or closed, but also if they’re locked using your mobile device. With this remote function, you’ll never have to “wonder” again.

Cornerstone is proud to be an Andersen Certified Contractor.

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