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If your windows and doors are original or older than 20-25 years, they may look tired, leak energy, and damage your home's value. Along with functionality, well-designed windows and doors can add to your family's appreciation of its aesthetics.

Clients come to Cornerstone Remodeling, an Andersen Certified Contractor, for expert advice and service that yield beautiful, lasting results in your window and door renovations.

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Should I replace my windows one at a time or all at once?

Window Function
  • Single window: When it’s only one window causing you problems, go ahead and replace it. You may immediately save on energy efficiency, maintenance costs, and stress.
  • Multiple windows: A single window causing issues may trigger closer inspection on other windows that may also need maintenance or replacement. They may be of similar age; however, wear and tear depends on factors including installation, usage, maintenance, and exposure to the elements.

Curb Appeal
  • Single window: Switching from a dated window to one that catches your eye can increase curb appeal at a relatively low investment. This one simple, stylistic change can also give your home a focal point for passersby.
  • Multiple windows: Updating every window in your home can completely transform its look. You can create a consistent style with all new windows. The expenses are higher, but so are the rewards.
Interior Aesthetics
  • Single window: Many rooms only have one window, so you can enhance the aesthetic with a single window replacement. Adding a bay or bow window adds a little nook and may offer more natural light. Specialty windows and special shape windows bring character and style to make your home unique.
  • Multiple windows: The upside of replacing multiple windows in a room — or your whole house — is that you create a consistent style that can be enjoyed for years. A single window replacement might seem out of place if the older windows look dated. Upgrading multiple windows can increase your home’s curb appeal and interior aesthetic, giving you the best of both worlds.


100 series: These solid, composite/Fibrex units are suitable for both new construction and replacement installation. In addition to light colors, they’re also available in dark colors, which work well in contemporary designs.

200 series: Made from wood cores with vinyl exterior cladding, this line has unfinished and prefinished natural wood interior finishes; it’s one of Andersen’s more economical choices. This streamlined product line is available with double-hung, gliding, and picture window styles. This series works well for homeowners who want painted interior wood.

400 series: Similar to the 200 series (with solid wood cores and vinyl exterior cladding), this series features greater choices for exterior cladding colors and three interior wood finish options. This series comes in nearly all window styles including casement; double-hun;, awning; sliders; bays and bows; and picture windows.

A-series: A series falls under Andersen’s architectural line, offering custom sizes and finishes. The units are wood core paired with vinyl, fiberglass, or composite cladding. Prior to shipment, all products are tested for hurricane and saltwater exposure resistance. The A series is Andersen’s most energy-efficient line.

E-series: E series windows fall under Andersen’s architectural line, with using solid wood cores and aluminum cladding. The units are available in 50 standard colors and finish options; the windows and doors are generally used for new construction.

For more than 115 years, Andersen’s drive to produce windows and doors that are different and better lies at the heart of their company. 

What difference do quality doors make? Without an attractive entrance and other durable doors in your home, your house could be losing perceived value, leaking energy, and allowing outside elements in.



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As you begin your interior and exterior renovation projects, you may be scouting financing, and the good news is, Cornerstone has options! During our first scheduled meeting or phone call, we’ll ask about your financing needs and we encourage you to share your requirements. Pre-qualification can occur early in the process, so it’s best to apply sooner rather than later. Following pre-qualification and contract signing, you’ll have full access to a range of budget-friendly financing plans offered by third-party lenders.  See the image and FAQ’s below for more information!


Yes! Through alliances with third-party lending institutions, we offer financing to clients under contract.

Financing equally supports our clients’ needs for remodeling and our business goals, creating “win-win” scenarios for all involved. It allows clients greater flexibility during and after their renovation; it offers Cornerstone the ability to serve a variety of clients more completely. (It also supports the staff and business of the financing company).

Sometimes, the unexpected happens. Clients might need to build a home office (to satisfy a work from home requirement); welcome adult children or aging parents into their home; or build a rental unit to earn extra income.

At other times, clients may use financing to keep their cash or investments intact as they undertake a remodel.

During our first scheduled meeting or phone call, we’ll inquire about your potential financing needs and also encourage you to share your requirements. Pre-qualification can be gained early in the process, so it’s always best to apply sooner rather than later.

Following pre-qualification and contract signing, you’ll have full access to a range of budget-friendly financing plans – from deferred interest loans to affordable payment options – offered by third-party lending institutions.

It’s simple!

  1. Specify the plan that works for you, or contact us about another plan that may fit your needs.
  2. We’ll email you the application – it’s paperless and easy! It takes only a few moments to complete, and you’ll typically receive a response within seconds.
  3. Upon approval, we can begin the process of moving your remodeling project forward!

A renovation loan is typically based on the total value of a project and often used for large efforts, such as a whole-house remodel. The type of financing most often provided by our third-party lending institutions is akin to a traditional loan and isn’t often based on the total value of a remodeling project.

Note: If you’re looking to finance through home equity, there are renovation loans that align well with projects that add a fair amount of equity to a home (i.e. adding a bedroom/bathroom, additional living space, etc.). Renovation loans tally the “post-construction” appraised value, which can give our clients a little more to financial leeway for their project. Talk to us about the specific loans we offer to find one that meets your needs!

We don’t offer “203K” type loans to our clients, be sure to reach out to discuss other options that may fit your requirements!

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