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Your home may be speaking to you: it might be whispering or howling depending on its various needs. And some of the pleas might be coming from your windows and doors

We’ve put together this short list of signs your windows and doors may be sending. If any of these signs are showing up, replacing some or all them could be your next exterior renovation project:

  1. Opening or closing your windows and doors is difficult.
  2. Drafts are finding their way in and around windows or doors.
  3. There’s visible damage, including chipping, deterioration, or water stains on or around  window and door openings or other areas.
  4. They’re hard to clean, no matter how much you try. 
  5. Replacement parts are hard to find or are discontinued.
  6. Your energy bills are increasing. Older windows often lack proper insulation; they may be ill fitting, which may force your air conditioning or heating to work harder.
  7. You notice more outside noise. If you’re hearing outside noise when your windows and doors are closed, they may lack proper acoustic insulation.
  8. Carpet, furniture, and window treatments are fading. Older windows and doors with glass insets/sidelights do little to protect your interiors from damaging UV rays.
  9. Your windows and doors look bad. 

Bonus: If you have single pane windows, there’s a good chance your home was built before 1970. Single pane glass windows can be substandard, drafty, and occasionally unsafe. Today’s finely designed and crafted windows are made from double or triple paned glass and provide greater comfort, durability, and aesthetic value. Specifically, they often offer low-E glass, which reduces most of UVB light and may also minimize heating and cooling costs. Laminated and tinted glass helps block UVA rays as well.

Your home’s functionality and curb appeal makes residents feel good, visitors feel welcome, and home buyers feel excited about seeing the inside; modern window and door designs play an integral role in boosting your home’s performance, appearance and resale value.

Overall, your home’s curb appeal makes residents feel good, visitors feel welcome, and home buyers feel excited about seeing the inside of a home. Modern window and door designs look great (and perform well), which may help improve your home’s appearance and resale value.

Whether you’re replacing windows or doors, remodeling a room, or building your dream home from the ground up, Cornerstone Remodeling is here to listen and help.

Cornerstone is proud to be an Andersen Certified Contractor.

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